Summer Class Sign Ups are CLOSED at this time.  Please look for our September-May Schedule coming out by August 1st

To register for classes please mail in our registration form.  If you need any additional information please call 207-767-1353 to speak with someone in the office OR email us at

45 min—1 hour—$85.00
2.25-3 hours—$200.00
3.25-4 hours—$245.00
4.25-5 hours—$285.00
5.25-6 hours—$310.00
*Drop in rate $15.00 per class
Classes are depending on enrollment for the full 6 weeks.  Please email ahead in order to check about drop ins

Pricing for Adult Fitness Classes
Punch card options—only towards Zumba/SHiNE
10 classes $50.00 (2 month expiration)
15 classes $75.00 (4 month expiration)
20 classes $100.00 (6 month expiration)
Drop ins $7.00 (Zumba/SHiNE)