Picture Day 2021 - April 14th

Heather’s Tuesday (1st Lyrical -  2nd Tap -  3rd Jazz)
Bailey Stevens 330-335
Bella Durost 335-340
Brayla Perry 340-345
Emma Anderson 345-350
Kristin’s Wednesday Hip Hop
Alex Leopold 4-405
Tsega Jenkins 4-405
Naomi Rice 4-405
Heather’s Thursday (Ballet 1st – Tap 2nd – Hip Hop 3rd (if in hip hop)
Sloan Willows 410-415
Erica Reed 415-425
Julia Jones 425-445
Grace Jones 425-445
Heather’s Thursday Hip Hop
Josie Mitchell 445-455
Addie Dube 445-455
Emma Perrigo 445-455
Baylee Wong 445-455
Emilia Raffaele 445-455
Competition Dancers 
Abby 5-505
Emelia 505-510
Audrey 510-515
Lola 515-520
Nora 520-525
Abby #2 525-530
Audrey/Emelia 530-535
Nora/Lola 535-540
Sophie/Audrey 540-545
Emelia/Abby 545-550
Free Love (Jr. Jazz) 550-6
Wild (Senior Jazz) 6-610
Beautiful Life (Lyrical) 610-620
Still Breathing (Lyrical new) 620-630
A little Party (Maegan Jazz) 630-640
Deep Water (Contemporary) 640-650
Transylvania Mania (Musical Theater) 650-7
On Broadway (Tap) 7-710
Emelia/Lola 710-720


Picture Day 2021 -April 28th

Heather’s Monday Ballet/Tap Class
5-530 (Please come dressed in Ballet first and ready to go.  Each dancer will have individuals in both ballet and tap before we switch to another dancers turn.) 

Megan’s Monday Hip Hop
530-540 (each student will go one at a time.  Once your individual photo has been taken, you can leave)

Megan’s Monday Contemporary
550-6pm (Please come dressed and ready to go)

Amanda’s Thursday Hip Hop
615-630 (Please come dressed and ready to go)

Shoes and Tights Information

Tights can be ordered through www.discountdance.com
Please pay attention to the size charts and also which class will be waring what kind of specific color of tights.  When finding the tights needed for the class, please find your child’s class description below and notice the number next to the tights.  Some classes will need specific shoes (which I also listed)

Go to discountdance.com and put the number given in the search box.  You will have to select color and how many you need.  I always recommend people getting at least 2 pairs of tights in case.  If your child needs an adult size, they will have a link for adult sizing.  

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be more then happy to help

Heather’s Monday Tap/Ballet 4-445
Hair: Parted in middle, Slicked low pony
Tights: Light Suntan Footed – 14C (child)
Shoes: Black tap shoes, Pink Ballet shoes

Megan’s Monday Mini Hip Hop 455-540
Hair: High Ponytail
Tights: Light Suntan Footed – 14C(child)
Shoes: Any Black Sneaker

Megan’s Monday Contemporary 545-630
Hair: Slicked back Ponytail
Tights: Light Suntan Stirrups – 1961
Shoes: no shoes (barefoot)

Heather’s Tuesday Tap/Jazz/Lyrical 4-5
Hair: Parted in middle, Slicked back low ponytail
Tights : Transition Tights (Light Suntan) -1916 (adults) 1916C (Child)
Shoes: Black Jazz Shoe, Barefoot for Lyrical, Tan MaryJane Tap (T9200)

Kristin’s Wednesday Hip Hop 4-445
Hair: Hair pulled back in double French braids
Tights: None
Shoes: Converse high tops black and white

Amanda’s Thursday Hip Hop 4-445
Hair: Parted in Middle, Slicked low Ponytail
Tights: None
Shoes: Any Black Sneaker

Heather’s Thursday Tap/Lyrical 445-530
Hair: Parted in the middle, Slicked back low pony
Tights: Light Suntan Footed – 14C (child)
Shoes: Black Tap shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes

Heather’s Thursday Mini Hip Hop 530-615
Hair: High Ponytail
Tights – None
Shoes – Any black sneaker


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